14 juillet, Tour Eiffel Shadows by Christophe Charnay


Le Jules Verne by Les Gens d’Ailleurs 

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Dinner with a view: the Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel tower is certainly one of the most amazing locations in the world to have dinner. May 2017.

Dîner avec vue : le restaurant Jules Verne à la tour Eiffel est certainement un des lieux les plus étonnants au monde pour dîner. Mai 2017.

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Paris : Just before the crowd by Romane Tex

Cette galerie contient 9 photos.

Originally posted on Romane Texier:
I went to see the sunrise with a friend, Patrick, few weeks ago, and it was amazing! I was thinking there will be a lot of people or photographer to take photos. Actually, we were mostly all alone. It was so peaceful to be there before the crowd. I don’t…

Paris : « I could easily see myself… » by Tom Plevnik

Un véritable regard Parisien !

Tom Plevnik photography

… as a Parisien – strolling the Left Bank – a baguette under my arm – finishing my novel – at a table at the Cafe Flore. A Moveable Feast – Hemingway called it. – Midnight in Paris Quotes

dsc_0982-01 Pont Louis Philippe

dsc_0511-01 Rue Aubriot

dsc_0986-01 Pont Louis Philippe

dsc_1021-01 Passage Lhomme

dsc_0757-01 Musée du Louvre

dsc_0995-01 Le Pure Café

dsc_1043-01 Rue de Lappe

dsc_1431-01 Rue du Général Camou

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