Tom Plevnik back from Paris

Tom Plevnik Photography

but only physically … my head is still in Paris. Now I’m starting the hard work, editing photos. Within two weeks I walked almost 210 km, made 3,500 photos and drank a lot of coffee. I haven’t written about coffee yet but I depend on coffee. Maybe next time. All these photos are captured with Samsung Note4… the rest come later. Thanks to everyone who’s following me.

20170915_084319-01 Rue Irénée Blanc

20170915_141411-01 Rue des Ecouffes

20170916_085216-01-01 Rue Cremieux

20170916_085642-01 Rue Cremieux

20170916_105355-01 Passage Lhomme

20170916_174631-01 Passage d’Enfer

20170916_183552-01 Pont Saint-Louis

20170917_120400-01 Musée de Montmartre

20170917_185549-01 Pont des Arts

20170919_120158-02 Avenue Frochot

20170919_124805-01 Rue Montmartre

20170920_082733-01 Place du Trocadero

20170920_171138-01 Hôtel du Nord

20170920_182829-01 Rue Vieille du Temple

20170922_090147-01 Jardin du Palais Royal

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Paris : « I could easily see myself… » by Tom Plevnik

Un véritable regard Parisien !

Tom Plevnik Photography

… as a Parisien – strolling the Left Bank – a baguette under my arm – finishing my novel – at a table at the Cafe Flore. A Moveable Feast – Hemingway called it. – Midnight in Paris Quotes

dsc_0982-01 Pont Louis Philippe

dsc_0511-01 Rue Aubriot

dsc_0986-01 Pont Louis Philippe

dsc_1021-01 Passage Lhomme

dsc_0757-01 Musée du Louvre

dsc_0995-01 Le Pure Café

dsc_1043-01 Rue de Lappe

dsc_1431-01 Rue du Général Camou

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Ljubljana – Tom Plevnik’s Street Pics Playground

Tom Plevnik Photography

A few words about Ljubljana. I spent many years in Ljubljana. Ljubljana is a small city but it is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. If there were three words to describe this city it would be bridges, coffee shops and graffiti. Ljubljana is also cheaper like other big European capitals. And this is about all of Ljubljana.

One more thing Ljubljana is my playground for street photography.

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