Music of the People – Les Faits Plumes

How I Saw Paris This Week by Corey Frye

Oops, was yesterday Wednesday? I forgot to post my weekly set of photos. I guess spending 5 hours at Ikea trying to plan a new kitchen can mess with a guy’s sense of time. Another example of pesky reality getting in the way of creativity…

This week’s gallery is infused with a few food recommendations so get your Paris notebooks ready!

APC_3620 This was coming home from a tour in the 6th arrondissement. Light like this can’t be ignored! The subject matter isn’t the most lofty; just a woman on a bicycle. But this kind of theatrical light tends to make any scene dramatic. You Caravaggio fans will know what I’m talking about. That reminds me – I kinda miss Rome!

69D7B9B1-0C99-4EE2-BDD5-595DD73C329C I’m so thankful for this scene each time I walk down the quiet Passage Saint-Paul. Just too perfect! If Hollywood tried to create a turn of the century movie set…

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