Mal de Lune ?

Et vous ? Êtes-vous aussi mal luné ?

Les faits Plumes

Tes pas lunés…

Me font mal aux yeux…

T’es pas luné…

C’est malheureux…

© Les faits Plumes

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Taking your spirit for a walk~ | Mimo Khair Photography

I remember as a child getting very excited about the occasional long walks we took to our favorite monastery pocketed in the heart of the Lebanese mountain overlooking the valley of the saints. We walked for hours and felt the importance of our pilgrimage with every dusty step. It says so much about pilgrimages and…

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Sacre blanc! Eiffel Tower closes as snow blankets Paris and Northern France by Time of Lion



The Eiffel Tower turned away tourists on Tuesday as snow swept across northernFrance, causing traffic chaos in Paris during the French capital’s first real dose of wintry weather this season.

The Meteo France weather service put the greaterParisregion on alert for snow and black ice on roads, among 27 departments it expected to be on alert across the country until midday Wednesday.

The Arc de Triomphe as snow falls.
The Arc de Triomphe as snow falls. Photograph: Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images

The weather caused major gridlock across the city, with more than 700km (430 miles) of traffic jams recorded at 7.30pm local time (1830 GMT) on Tuesday, local information service Sytadin said.

Paris bus services were cancelled on Tuesday evening, according to the RATP transport authority, and school transport would not run on Wednesday in several areas.

Meteo France says the snowfall will intensify overnight Wednesday, with temperatures…

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Ce Mariage dans le vide d’un Canyon en Utah est un amour fou !


Grâce aux photographes, les Hearnes, nous pouvons tous expérimenter quelques images de ce qu’on a pu ressentir l’effet de se marier à 120 mètres au-dessus du sol, sur le bord d’un canyon à Moab, Utah. En 2016, Kim et Ryan se sont fiancés sur le même filet, lors du GGBY– un festival d’adrénaline.

Sur leur blog, cependant, les Hearnes détournent notre attention des facteurs de vertige et de sensations fortes, et se concentrent plutôt sur le vrai symbole – l’amour de la communauté. Techniquement, GGBY 2017 a commencé la semaine de Thanksgiving – exactement un jour après le mariage de Kim et Ryan, mais, honnêtement, leur mariage a été le coup d’envoi.

Pour d’autres aventures, suivez les Hearnes sur facebook et instagram.

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Hobbit’s Land, New Zealand by The Live Of a Sneaker Head

for the love of nike

Hobbiton in Matamata New Zealand may very well be one of the most magical places on earth. It was the real set for the Lord of the Ring movies–perfectly perched in the unique farmland hills of the north island. The attention to detail is unreal–you can’t help but get butterflies in your stomach as you wander around.

At the end of the tour, you get to have a drink (and maybe a meat pie) and The Green Dragon Inn. Good George, a local brewing company, came up with the different varieties they offer there.

As you make your drive to and from this amazing destination, keep your eyes peeled. It’s one heck of a beautiful drive, and it doesn’t hurt to blast the LOTR soundtrack on your adventure. It also doesn’t hurt to mask your excitement from the locals a bit. Most of them are over the craze to visit…

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