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Tom Plevnik back from Paris

Tom Plevnik photography

but only physically … my head is still in Paris. Now I’m starting the hard work, editing photos. Within two weeks I walked almost 210 km, made 3,500 photos and drank a lot of coffee. I haven’t written about coffee yet but I depend on coffee. Maybe next time. All these photos are captured with Samsung Note4… the rest come later. Thanks to everyone who’s following me.

20170915_084319-01 Rue Irénée Blanc

20170915_141411-01 Rue des Ecouffes

20170916_085216-01-01 Rue Cremieux

20170916_085642-01 Rue Cremieux

20170916_105355-01 Passage Lhomme

20170916_174631-01 Passage d’Enfer

20170916_183552-01 Pont Saint-Louis

20170917_120400-01 Musée de Montmartre

20170917_185549-01 Pont des Arts

20170919_120158-02 Avenue Frochot

20170919_124805-01 Rue Montmartre

20170920_082733-01 Place du Trocadero

20170920_171138-01 Hôtel du Nord

20170920_182829-01 Rue Vieille du Temple

20170922_090147-01 Jardin du Palais Royal

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